Sunday Nights…:(

I’m so lucky that my partner works Monday to Friday & gets most weekends off. I always love Friday evenings, knowing the lovely man in my life will get up at 7.30am Saturday morning with the baby…a nice lie in for Mum. Saturday is usually spent around the house doing housework, DIY, whatever needs to be done really. But it’s so much easier when Dad is around & baby is entertained when Mums busy & visa versa. 

Sunday is usually a family day. We always make an effort to do something the baby will enjoy, whether it’s going to the zoo, a walk in the park or the playground. Often we try to visit family too. 

Then comes Sunday evening!!! After a busy day it’s time to go home & get ready for Monday morning! Why does the weekend have to go so quick! And why is it when I should be refreshed, ready to start a new week that I’m actually exhausted!! It’s usually around 7pm every Sunday evening that this suddenly dawns on me, as I’m trying to get the little man ready for bed. And every Sunday I remind myself that next weekend I will try to take it easy…never happens. I think I just get too excited planning little family days out!

Then I have to remind myself how lucky I am to be able to spend my weekends with my lovely family. I’m off to bed, yawn, Monday again tomorrow!!! 

Chat soon, 

E xxx


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