It’s that lovely time again where I get two full hours to myself! When I say to myself, it’s not really; I’m usually doing laundry, preparing dinner or cleaning. But it’s time to think. Theses days I don’t get much of that. I’m constantly focused on what the little man needs whether it’s feeding, changing or just entertaining. Even when he is happily playing by himself I can never just switch off. Sometimes I feel guilty when I look forward to these two hours, but then I remind myself it’s better for him when I’m refreshed & motivated after his afternoon nap. And on the plus side baby wakes up in the best of form, full of giggles, attempting to do tumbles..which really turn out to be awkward rolls in his cot. Always makes me smile!

The thing about nap time is, it’s very important to me. It makes the rest of the day soooo much easier when the little guy had had a good nap. Unfortunately though he is quite choosy for a 17month old and sleeps best in his own cot. For this reason I tend to plan my day around this nap. If I’m meeting up with the girls it can either be early morning or late afternoon, but never those two hours. To some it might seem I’m being a bit precious but I figure who wants to sit around listening to an overtired, unhappy baby?? And when baby’s not happy either is Mummy. Attempting to have a conversation with anyone while trying to entertain your exhausted baby is an impossible and draining task. Instead I wait until nap time is complete and my little man is his usual happy social self. So far I think it works well. So many people comment on what a good humoured baby he is. It might slightly irritate friend if I’m not always available for lunch time dates but I’d much rather an irritated friend than an unhappy baby!! 

Chat soon E 


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